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Joshua P. Warren


Ross Allison and his team have dared to break ground in one of the most controversial, and challenging, areas of the paranormal. Although many people claim to be touched by phantoms, especially when skin is exposed, how does one measure and document the phenomenon? What happens when you wire a vulnerable, nude person to various instruments, and place him or her alone in an extremely haunted place? It may sound funny, but Ross’s team does a serious job of arranging these experiments and breaking some taboos. I had no idea what to expect, and I was on the edge of my seat. The intriguing results left me wanting to see what will happen next as he continues pushing the boundaries, transforming the human body into the ultimate “paranormal meter.”

Emily Kumar

TikTok @emilykumar424

"Naked and Afraid meets Ghost Busters! This documentary dares to embark on an adventure to answer an impossible question- can you be physically touched by a ghost? The only way to find out is to strip away, literally and figuratively, any barriers between us and the unseen world. For skeptics and believers alike, “Parasense” will make you question what you believe about the spiritual realm and paranormal encounters. Not everyone can keep their composure in the presence of full frontal nudity, or in the midst of sheer terror in the belly of a pitch black abandoned penitentiary, but even in the most bizarre of circumstances, Ross’s passion for honest and authentic encounters will leave you wanting to learn more and explore for yourself. "

Michael Roser

Host of Dark Hour Paranormal

In our darkest and most nebulous days of paranormal research, when so many methods and techniques have run their course, an illuminated path emerges; original, progressive, and innovative. Parasense: The Naked Experiments encompasses an ingenuity seldom seen, led by Ross Allison and his team of experienced paranormal researchers.

Armed with new and cutting-edge technology, created by Chad Goodwin, their scientist and inventor, we are awarded a glimpse into the spirit world unlike any other we've witnessed to date.

Parasense: The Naked Experiments, is what the field paranormal research desperately needs- a fresh approach, innovation and creativity, and a whole new angle on the paranormal world surrounding us all.

This isn't your average ghost hunting documentary. Impregnated with fact and experience, with a stark highlight on science- the naked truth between logic and intuition.

Jeff Davis

Author & Host of PNW Paranormal

I just watched ParaSense – The Naked Experiments. I am sure that many people reviewing this show begin using phrases such as, ‘it’s very titillating,’ or ‘ghost hunting – the bare naked truth!’ Many people can only talk about embarrassing subjects using jokes. Discussing the paranormal is something of a taboo subject. What about taboo subjects, within the taboo? The truth is, people have reported paranormal activity in places like bathrooms, or in a nude or sexual contexts for years. However, few authors or television producers will document these incidents seriously. I have researched and written about the paranormal for many years, and sometimes I encountered stories of ghosts in bathrooms, or some kind of sexual/sensual setting. After attending one of my ghost walks, one of my clients reported that somehow her bra had become unsnapped. I know, kind of funny. However, after the chuckles and giggles end, how can I explain what happened? In the Case of Para-Sense – The Naked Experiments, Ross Allison and his team treat the subject seriously. Their experiments are not just about sexual ghosts, but also about using the entire human body as a sensor. Their test subjects are naked, where their entire skin is exposed to the local environment, without clothing interfering with their sensations. What happens? Watch and find out. Feel free to giggle every now and then, but also consider the evidence seriously.

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