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the film


Join paranormal veteran, Ross Allison, as he focuses his attention on the physical aspects of ghosts actually touching the living. His struggle to prove this phenomena takes a crucial turn when a real scientist and inventor, Chad Goodwin, joins his team as they take naked subjects into the most haunted sites known for supernatural physical contact. For the first time in history, these encounters are being thoroughly investigated, and exciting evidence is being discovered.

The History


In 2016, a young construction worker contacted Ross Allison to report a bizarre and potentially paranormal encounter. This young man’s current worksite happened to be a former brothel and the encounter was sexual in nature. This story piqued Ross’ interest, and he began to wonder how someone might prove such an intimate experience. How does someone prove touch? Ross began investigating troves of paranormal research but found nothing. Could he be the first to pioneer this approach? Could it be that no one in the paranormal community had focused their attention on the “what, how and why” of spirits, ghosts and entities physically interacting with the living? Ross immediately began developing new experiments to try and bring forth evidence of these strange events. But the evidence was not enough to validate the phenomena, at least not in the objective eyes of Science. The problem was the right equipment for his experiments had yet to be developed. With that in mind, Ross reached out to the one person he felt might be able to assist him, the Mad Scientist and Inventor, Chad Goodwin. After hours upon hours of discussion and examination of the SPECTRE system developed by Ross, Chad felt it was time to expand and upgrade the system. This is how SPECTRE 2.0 was born, and for the first time in history, investigators can track potential paranormal activity in real time. Ross and Chad’s journey into uncharted waters has only touched the tip of the iceberg. Today, they continue to venture off into haunted locations, tracking phenomena and uncovering new evidence that may help those who have been touched by a ghost to prove their encounters.

The mission


For centuries, humanity has challenged the idea of ghosts and hauntings. Our mission is to find answers that bring light to the shadows lurking in the darkness. What is the cause and effects when individuals have physical encounters with the world of the unseen? We seek to uncover answers to these and other questions through science and experimentation, carefully pealing back the layers that obscure this rarely investigated phenomena. 

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